Monday, January 07, 2013

Saudi 90-Year-Old Suing Parents Of 15-Year-Old For Dowry

In the Middle East and parts of Asia, since women are nothing more than chattel, underage daughters are sold to the highest bidder even if that bidder is a 90-year-old man and the girl is only 15.

A lecherous old Saudi man of 90 paid $17,500 for the 15 year-old daughter of a Saudi woman and Yemeni man. Now he's suing the parents because the girl locked the old pig out of the bedroom on the wedding night, and then ran away several days later. Both the parents and the old man should be locked up. The parents for pimping out their daughter, and the old man for solicitation. The man could have been her great, great grandfather.

It did have Saudi activists a-Twitter:

A Mouhammad Khaled Alnuzha posted on his account: ‘Is this a case of human trafficking crimes punishable by law?’

Another Tweeted: ‘She is still considered as a product! A father sells his daughter without mercy, to be bought by money and status and power; all of it for the sake of fulfilling a desire.’

A member of the Saudi National Association for Human Rights (NSHR), Suhaila Zein el-Abedin urged authorities to ‘save this child from tragedy,’ adding that marriage in Islam must be based on mutual consent.

She also blamed the girls parents for accepting the dowry and marrying off their daughter to a man 75 years older than her, underlining the importance of establishing a minimum age of 18 for marriage in Saudi Arabia.

They have such a long way to go before they join the rest of us in the 21st century.

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