Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anti-Gun Journalists Refuse "This Home Proudly Gun Free" Yard Signs- Project Veritas Video

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas just posted a brilliant new video about gun control hypocrisy.

A group of actors posing as members of fictitious "Citizens Against Senseless Violence" approach a slew of  journalists and politicians asking them to place yard signs that say: This Home Is Proudly Gun Free. They even show up at some of the homes of  the The Journal News idiots who posted the names and addresses (along with an interactive map) of legal gun owners in several New York counties. Ironically, most of them now have security guards after a pissed off blogger posted their names and addresses in retaliation.

Obviously, not one person requested a sign because that would be like posting a "rob me" sign in their yard, which is basically what The Journal News did to all the citizens living in those counties.

The beginning of O'Keefe's video is a parody of this anti-gun, celebrity-filled "We Are Better Than This" YouTube video.

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