Friday, February 08, 2013

Brother Honor Kills Pregnant Sister He Raped In Lebanon

Another honor killing, this time in south Lebanon. The brother, Jihad (yes, that's his name), allegedly impregnates his sister Baghdad Khaled al-Issa, 18, then murders her (with the help of a cousin) when she's seven months pregnant. Yes, very honorable to kill a pregnant woman and her almost full term child. She had been stabbed on the sides of her body and in her head.

Issa’s brother has confessed to the gruesome crime.

Later Friday, both Issa’s brother and cousin arrived at the farm to reenact the crime.

Some media reports said Issa’s brother was the father of the unborn baby. However, police are waiting for the results of the autopsy report.

In August 2011, lawmakers passed a proposal increasing punishment for so-called “honor crimes.”

The law calls for canceling an article in the penal code that grants a commutation of sentence for anyone who kills a wife, husband or close family member caught in the act of adultery, under the pretext that the act was driven by extreme anger.

From Naharnet:

Later on Friday, LBCI television reported that the investigation with Jihad revealed that he had raped his sister, which lead to her pregnancy.

"He confessed to raping his sister,” LBCI said, adding that Jihad claimed he was drunk when the incident happened.

The television channel added that he had only recently found out about the pregnancy and asked his sister to undergo an abortion, but she refused.

A good Muslim boy.

They will probably walk free.

Source: Daily Star

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