Sunday, February 03, 2013

Saudi Preacher Who Raped, Tortured and Killed 5-Year-Old Daughter Walks Free, With Just A Fine

Not only did Saudi Islamic TV preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi torture and rape his 5-year-old daughter Lama, he killed her. And with Sharia law favoring male criminals, he essentially bought his way out of a prison sentence that should have seen him locked him away for life (if not executed) after what he did to his little girl. After spending only a short while in jail he was allowed to pay $50,000 to his ex-wife (Lama's mother) and is now a free man.

You might remember this case from late last year. Lama died after weeks in the hospital.She had been tortured with whips, canes, electric shocks and an iron by her dad during a 2 week visit. At the time the name of the father was not disclosed.

According to "Women to Drive" activists:

They said the father had doubted Lama’s virginity and had her checked up by a medic.

Randa Al Kaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was admitted, said the girl’s back was broken and that she had been raped “everywhere”, according to the group.

According to the victim’s mother, hospital staff told her that her “child’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed.

The activists said that the judge had ruled the prosecution could only seek “blood money (compensation for the next of kin under Islamic law) and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama’s death suffices as punishment.”
Al-Ghamdi had even confessed to his crime. Manal Al Sharif is one of three Saudi activists who have balked at the sentencing, but per Saudi laws men can get away with murdering their children and wives and virtually walk free. They can not be executed for those crimes.

So, al-Ghamdi will be free to rape and murder again.

It's a sick culture that sexualizes children.

Source: Gulf News, The Commentator

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