Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saudi Arabia- Hiring Female Cashiers Is Akin To "Human Trafficking"

So what does being a female cashier have to do with 'sexual exploitation, forced labor and organ trafficking?' According to a graduate student at Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia it's akin to "human" trafficking.

You might wonder how a woman at say a McDonald's taking your cash for a Big Mac and fries is being exploited (other than the pittance of pay fast food workers receive), and where on earth "human trafficking" factors in, but Mohammad al-Bogami explains it this way:

"...Muslim scholars consider it human trafficking if the goal of hiring women is to use their looks to attract customers.

Human trafficking does not stop at people selling their bodies or parts of their bodies; it extends to any kind of slavery or sexual exploitation, the London-based al-Hayat newspaper reported Bogami as saying.

Saudi Arabia’s top clerics have challenged the government’s policy of expanding jobs for women, with a fatwa (religious edict) that they should not work as cashiers in supermarkets.

“It is necessary to keep away from places where men congregate. Women should look for decent work that does not make it possible for them to attract men or be attracted by men,” according to the fatwa.
Hired to attract customers? Where do these people get these notions? How on earth can someone be attracted to a woman who is totally covered in black cloth (abaya) and wearing a niqab (full face veil)?

They'll say and do anything to maintain gender segregation.

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