Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ground Zero Mosque Imam- Abdul Rauf- Sued For Millions For Fraud

I always find it ironic that those who purport to be high minded and spiritual are often the most corrupt souls of all. Here we have Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the driving force behind the building of Park51, formerly known as the Cordoba Initiative, or better known as the mosque near ground zero, who wanted to spend 100 million dollars on a building, to promote interfaith healing and feed the souls of his followers, but what about feeding people what their bodies need to survive? When there are so many people starving, not only around the world but in this country, as well, spending 100 million on a building is obscene. Not to mention the fact that he owns several rental properties in New Jersey that were in such disrepair  back in 2010 he was called a 'slum lord'. Everyone deserves to live in a decent dwelling and as a landlord it is his obligation to provide a clean, safe place for people to live. They were paying rent, after all, but he didn't seem to care about anything other than collecting his rent checks. There had been complaints of rodents, bed bugs, leaks, mold and fire hazards.

As a result of all the safety hazards, Union City, New Jersey decided to sue Rauf in 2010, demanding he show proof that he was addressing all these issues.  In 2011 one of the buildings was placed under temporary "custodial receivership" until things got fixed.

Now Rauf, no longer affiliated with the mosque, is back in the news with accusations that he embezzled beaucoup cash from his charity. The $25 million lawsuit alleges:

...[Rauf] used the money to fund a luxury lifestyle, including gifts and support for a woman outside his marriage, the suit says. Rauf allegedly took the cash from two nonprofit organizations he ran that were intended to promote religious tolerance, the New York Post reports. The lawsuit was brought by a businessman who gave some $167,000.
Rauf used the money for items "not limited to a luxury sports car, personal real estate, entertainment, lavish trips and vacations with Evelyn Adorno," with whom he has "a long-standing personal relationship," says a lawyer for businessman Robert Deak. The suit also says Rauf accepted $3 million from the Malaysian government but didn't report it to the IRS. Rauf will "vigorously defend himself and show that (the suit) has no basis," his own lawyer says. Rauf last year brought his own suit against Deak, saying he'd been tricked into overpaying for a condo in Washington, D

And there could be a girlfriend involved.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in a Manhattan court, suburban businessman Robert L. Deak and his wife Moshira Solimon say they donated $167,000 to help Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf fund "The Shariah Index Project", a project aimed at combating anti-Islamic sentiment, but that Abdul Rauf spent the money "for his personal use."
The new filing alleges the funds intended for "the Shariah Index Project" were instead spent by Abdul Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan on "a luxury sports car, personal real estate, entertainment, [and] lavish trips," as well as Abdul Rauf's "vacations with Evelyn Adorno and support of Evelyn Adorno."

Tsk. Tsk. Not setting a very good example, are we,  Rauf.

Another perfect example of  religious hypocrisy.


Fredd said...

Incog: most of these Muslim scumbags have no problem lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, etc., as they can point to a passage in the Koran to justify it.

Recall that a lot of the 9/11 hijackers were involved in every kind of low down debauchery known to flourish in the West up until their flights....

Incognito said...

I do remember Fredd... the uber religious ones often find ways of justifying things and it never fails to amaze me. I especially love their temporary marriages- which is basically Islam sanctioned prostitution.