Saturday, February 16, 2013

Islamic Exorcism of Christian Jinns- Video

Here's a little entertainment for your Saturday afternoon. An Islamic exorcism. Part of a 'reality show', at least so claims the Jinn 'exorcist', part Tunisian, part American Sheikh Ben Halima Abderraouf who lives in France but is currently in Tunisia doing his thing.

Jinn's are genies mentioned in the Quran, they can be Muslim, or Christian, good, evil or neutral, they have free will, live in a parallel universe, and they possess people. Naturally, the Christian ones are evil, and according to Abderraouf  must convert to Islam or be killed.

In this video, a Jinn catcher- someone who allows themselves to get possessed by the Jinn possessing another individual- is exorcised by converting to Islam. Other Christian Jinns are also summoned, as is a Shaytan (a devil) who, in this case, is Jewish, because "they are the worst."

All pretty darn bizarre, and very laughable, except when the woman screams.

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