Monday, February 04, 2013

Thousands of Neo-Nazis March In Athens Greece

Supporters of the Greek Neo-Nazi party 'The Golden Dawn' were out in force. Tens of thousands of them with their swastikas and torches, chanting "anti-immigrant slogans."  The extreme far right Golden Dawn aka Chryssi Avghi party won 7% of the vote and 21 seats during the last election in May 2012, though the seats were reduced to 18 after a June election. This is the same party whose leader Nikos Michaloliakos said:
“There were no ovens, no gas chambers, it’s a lie.

“Auschwitz, what Auschwitz? I didn’t go there. What happened there? Have you been there,” he asked a reporter in the interview, adding that he had “read lots of books casting doubt on the number of six million Jews” who died in the Holocaust.

Apparently, they were out there with and torches,

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