Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is Obama's CIA Nominee John Brennan A Muslim Convert?

There is word (or rather hearsay) that Barack Obama's choice for CIA chief John Brennan, 57, is a Muslim convert. Former FBI agent John Guandolo seems to think that he converted sometime between 1996 and 1999 while stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was station chief for six years,  at the time. According to Guandolo, as discussed on the Trento Radio show:

... Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia and visited Mecca and Medina during the hajj season along with Saudi officials, who may have induced Brennan to convert.

In a Skype video interview with the radio show, Guandolo referred to a video showing Brennan saying that during his time in Saudi Arabia, he “marveled at the majesty of the Hajj and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty as Muslims by making that pilgrimage.”

Guandolo concluded that this “video confirms Brennan converted to Islam” since non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Medina and Mecca especially during the Hajj season.
Brennan himself, in 2010, admitted that he visited Medina and Mecca during the Hajj. Guandolo went on to say:
“That fact alone is not what is most disturbing." “His conversion to Islam was the culmination of a counterintelligence operation against him to recruit him. The fact that foreign intelligence service operatives recruited Mr. Brennan when he was in a very sensitive and senior U.S. government position in a foreign country means that he either a traitor … [or] he has the inability to discern and understand how to walk in those kinds of environments, which makes him completely unfit to the be the director of Central Intelligence.”
Brennan is currently the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't matter if he was indeed a Muslim, but 9/11 changed that.  If he did indeed convert, he is "unfit" for the position, as Guandolo believes. Many Muslims have a hard time divorcing their religious beliefs from secular and civil matters, which could endanger this country.

But I still would need more proof that he is.

Sources: Opposing Views, Al-Arabiya

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