Friday, February 15, 2013

Egyptian Cleric Says V'Day Is "Adultery Day"- People Celebrating Will Burn In Hell

All you people who gave your sweethearts or loved ones flowers or chocolates or a Valentine's Day card will burn in hell. Oh, and by the way you're all adulterers, too- I guess even those who gave their parents or their brothers and sisters a card or a gift. At least according to Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, an Egyptian Salafi cleric, you are.
In an online video posted Wednesday, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, known as “Abu Islam” and owner of the private television channel of “al-Ummah,”referred to February 14 as ‘adultery day’.

“February 14th, we celebrate “adultery” day. The Christian church will surely celebrate this day but I urge all Muslims and those who fear God, not to use anything tinted in red. Even al-Ahli team [the national football team] will not wear its red jersey."
“We [Muslims] do not have fornicators, we do not commit sins. Valentine’s Day represents for the Christians, a celebration for adultery and prostitution, and those who go out on this day are prostitutes. Each prostitute would choose a guy with whom she will spend her day and night.”

Muslims don't have fornicators or commit sins?  No, they just torture and murder their kids in the UAE and rape them in Saudi Arabia. In Afghanistan they practice pederasty and sit around lusting after young male dancers dressed as women. In Iran they have temporary marriages, which is simply Islam-sanctioned prostitution.  And sexual harassment and violence against women in Egypt is far more prevalent than in any Western country I've ever visited. No that pious lot don't commit sins at all.

Abu Islam went on to say:

“They spend their life in celebration and “promiscuity”. What does love mean for them? Adultery, prostitution and obscenity.

Yes, he's a Salafi, the worst of the lot, but they are gaining more traction and popularity.

You can see the video on Al Arabiya.

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