Monday, February 18, 2013

Arrest Warrant Issued For Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam For Insulting Christianity

Now here's a twist. Abu Islam (aka Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah)- the Salafi cleric who said Valentine's Day is "Adultery Day"  and all celebrants are prostitutes, and pronounced on TV that it's okay to rape female protesters in Tahrir Square because the bulk of them are "Crusaders" and therefore fair game- is a wanted man.  Apparently, there's a warrant for his arrest for sanctioning the rape of women in Tahrir Square, not that Egyptian men need Abu's permission to do so, they already have been targeting women for sexual harassment and assault there.

He's been charged with defamation of religion.

He is already on trial for tearing up a bible during a protest outside the American embassy in Cairo in September over a short film made in the United States that insulted the Prophet Mohammed.
The attorney general has received several complaints accusing Abu Islam of defaming Christianity through statements he had made to the Tahrir newspaper as well as on his TV channel. The latest probe came after a complaint filed by Coptic Christian activist Nagib Gibrail who accused Abu Islam of insulting Christians on a television show.
The Egyptian preacher has called to promote the segregation between women and men, saying the raping and sexually harassing women protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square is justified and adding that they are “crusaders” who “have no shame, no fear and not even feminism.”
As ridiculous as it is to arrest someone for insulting another religion, at least the Egyptians treat everyone equally when it comes to that issue. Whether Abu Islam gets sentenced is another story.  At least they're getting a little taste of their own medicine.

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