Wednesday, February 13, 2013

N. Korea's Dead Dear Leader's Palestinian Daughter

Did you know that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il had a Palestinian daughter? Well, not technically but since the poor brainwashed, oppressed and intimidated North Koreans believed the now-dead North Korean president was, among many things, their "Dear Leader" and "Our Father" I suppose he was, in a bizarre sort of twisted way. But how did a Palestinian woman come to view Jong-Il as her father? When I first  saw the title of a recommended Youtube video "Kim Jong-Il's Daughter Jindallae Safarini" I thought, 'that old dog!" I knew he had done some bizarre things, like kidnap a South Korean actress Choi Eun-hi and her director  husband Shin Sang-ok to create propaganda films in the late 1970s and 1980s, but what was this 'Palestinian daughter' all about. I was intrigued.

The Youtube video is actually a propaganda piece from North Korea, a devotional tribute of sorts from a grateful young Palestinian woman, the daughter of  Palestinian Ambassador, Mustafa Safarini, stationed in Pyongyang from 1982 - 1992.

More than 27 years ago my parents lost a child, after the loss of a child they could not be pregnant, and could not have children, they went to so many places but could not find a cure, so they came to Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, where they gave all their love and care to my Mother. That’s how she conceived a child. After having me, my parents were so happy and it was the system of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, the system of our Great Leader Kim Il Sung and Dear Leader Kim Jong Il that gave us this miracle.

Pyongyang is my native place and I spent my childhood there. And it is my second fatherland. Kim Jong Il is my father because he gave me life and love. I express my deepest grief over the demise of my dearest father. Some days ago, I visited Pyongyang, my native place, with a dream to meet you, my dearest father, after 20 years since I left there.

Jong-Il actually named the young girl Jindallae when she was born, and she still has ties with the communist country. Based out of China, she has set up the "Jindallae Fund" to help North Korean kids. Just as well since they need it desperately. She created the foundation as a gift for Jong-il to “repay him for all his love and affection”.

On current "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-un, Jong-il's pillsbury dough boy son:

When I first saw him, it was during the unveiling of the bronze statue of our Great Leader [Kim Il Sung] and our Dear Leader [Kim Jong Il] on the 100th birthday of our Great Leader. When he walked past, and waved to everybody, I felt this very deep emotion since he looked so alike with his father, our Dear Leader Father Kim Jong Il.
Great leader? Right. The same man who ranked as the World's Worst Dictator in Parade Magazine's Top Ten for 2011, right before he died. The same man who had billions stashed away in banks in Luxembourg and pigged out on gourmet and junk food while his people starved, and continue to do so.

Quotes Source: NK News

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