Saturday, August 16, 2014

ISIS Jihadists Love Nutella (and Robin Williams, for a while)

Alleged Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadists have a penchant for Nutella, they've been posting photos of themselves on Twitter holding jars of the Italian choco/hazelnut spread posing in front of fully stocked supermarket shelves.  ISIS jihadists and their supporters also piped in on the loss of comedian Robin Williams last week, mourning the death of the star of one of their fave films Jumanji. 

On Twitter, ISIS supporter @Ibn_Fulaan, based in London, wrote:

"Shame. I liked Jumanji."

@Mujahid4life (aka Abdullah, another 19-year-old British convert and ISIS supporter) responded:

"Good movie. Loved it as a kid."
Fulaan then said:

 “Same, I had it on video lol.”

Abdullah also posted:

"#RobinWilliams is dead? Weird. Grew up watching his films."
And even the Chechen dog Omar al-Shishani (leader of ISIS- if his Twitter handle is for real) had this to say in response to a Twitter user's post saying "ISIS supporters talking Robin Williams.  Twitter has reached the singularity."

Omar Shishani @ShishaniOmar
We are humans like u, joke about girls mirls... Why we shouldnt see movie?! @AlexHortonTX @DGisSERIOUS

That is, until they discovered William's "jihad" sketch, which was part of his 2002 comedy tour. Abdullah (Mujahid4Life) suddenly made a 360 degree turnaround, posting the video on Twitter along with the following:

Those of you who say "RIP" to #RobinWilliams check out what he said about Islam.

May Allah make him burn.

Abu Hamzah AlNabilsi (@abuhamzah1948) had this to say about Williams:

@Alansarialjanab he committed suicide, cross dressed for a living and defames our religion may Allah give him what he deserves in the akhira

Who knows if these people really are who they say they are, but what they post on Twitter is blood pressure raising, and they certainly have no resemblance to humans.

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