Sunday, August 17, 2014

Brit Department Store Adds Hijabs To School Uniform Lineup

A decade ago, who would have thought that department stores in the West would be selling hijabs as part of their back-to-school uniform sales. U.K. department store John Lewis is doing just that.

John Lewis, which is due to sell the Islamic headscarf in its London and Liverpool stores, said it was responding to school demands.

“We provide uniforms for 350 schools across the country,” a spokesperson for John Lewis said.

“The school informs us of the items they want us to sell as part of their uniform list,” he added.

The store, which signed contracts with two schools, will sell a hijab for approximately $15 (£9).

John Lewis won the contract to supply uniforms to the Islamia Girls’ School in north-west London and Belvedere Academy in Liverpool.


Source: Al Arabiya

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