Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pakistani Muslim Claims ISIS A Global Threat

A Pakistani human rights activist and supporter of Israel, who also happens to be a Muslim, believes ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a global threat, and far worse than the Nazis.

In an interview, Kasim Kaz Hafeez said:

“Just looking at what they have done in Iraq already, a Muslim country, imagine them rampaging in Europe or North America,” Kasim emphasized. “Slaughter and the irradiation of peoples is part of their strategy. They must convert or die and even then, many convert to be later murdered.” Kasim believes that ISIS ideology is worse than the Nazis, because “the ideology that inspires them is a religious supremacist ideology which gives men in their eyes G-d given authority to murder to achieve their goals.”
“Radical Islam like Nazism a supremacist ideology but radical Islam is not centered in one country, its not just Iraq and Syria. The ideology has tentacles everywhere,” Kasim noted. “So on the one hand; you have ISIS swallowing up territory. On the other hand, you have people all over the world that will be happy as thousands of civilians are murdered in the name of their cause. Also you have people flocking from all over the world to join ISIS. It is a global ideology, which does not need a central government to flourish. Whereas Nazi Germany had its centralized system, which when it collapsed, Nazism as a world force ended. Even if we destroy ISIS, it is liable to crop up elsewhere. Like the Taliban were toppled, it wasn't the end of them or their ideology.”

He believes the Obama administration is weak and naive "when it comes to foreign policy" and that not stopping ISIS while it's still in its infancy would be a major mistake.  He said if they are not stopped now:

 “Firstly, we will see genocide and the systematic eradication of people simply because they are 'different.’ Secondly, it shows ISIS that they can butcher innocents in full view of the world and the world will not do a thing to intervene.” 
He also thinks Jordan is the next target and that

 “they are emboldened by every excess they are able to push without a response. Their potential is limitless.”
Well isn't that a comforting thought.

Read the whole thing on JerusalemOnline.

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