Monday, August 18, 2014

#ISISmovies Twitter Hashtag Mocking ISIS Trending

The latest trending Twitter hashtag is #ISISmovies mocking the jihadists the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, although they now want to be known simply as Islamic State, or IS.  But ISIS has a much better ring to it.

Anyway, people (including many who are obviously Muslim) are having a blast coming up with fitting movie titles like:

Hassan Hassan ‏@hxhassan Aug 16
Beheading Private Ryan #ISISMovies

Asma ‏@LibyanBentBladi Aug 16
All the Emir's Men #ISISmovies

Shaya Tayefe Mohajer ‏@Shaya_in_LA Aug 16
Blood Actually #ISISmovies

victorjblue ‏@victorjblue 2h
I kind of hate to do this, but I got a good one- "Four Beheadings and a Funeral."

Al Arabiya has listed some as well.

PreOccupiedTerritory @POTerritory

I Know What You Did Last Osama #ISISmovies

PreOccupiedTerritory @POTerritory

To Kill a Mocking Kurd #ISISmovies

Ayat Mneina (MScPH) @AMneina

Killin' in the Rain #ISISMovies
2:12 PM - 16 Aug 2014

Now this is what's bizarre. Remember those two ISIS dudes I posted about a few days ago. Abdullah aka @Mujahid4Life and Omar al-Shishani @ShishaniOmar, here are a few of their contributions:

Abdullah ‏@mujahid4life Aug 16
"The hitchhiker's guide to Abu Mariya al-Galaxy" #ISISmovies

Omar Shishani ‏@ShishaniOmar Aug 18
The minority Slave girl and me.


And Shishani's Chechen buddy:

Omar the Chechen @Omar_Chechen · Aug 16
Close Encounters of the Kurd Kind
I'm not totally convinced they are who they are, but they're still punks, and pretty darn stupid if they don't realize they are the ones who are being mocked.

My contribution:

Raiders of the Last Shirk (Shirk is the sin of idolatry and polytheism, which is forbidden in Islam)
Return of the Jihadi

There are a slew of Twitter postings, just search #ISISmovies

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