Monday, August 18, 2014

Chicago ATM Robber Wears Burqa To Hide Dectection

Gildardo Lopez Jr. was afraid he was about to lose his job with Garda Cash Logistics, so the Chicago ATM tech decided he would rob a Chase bank, wearing a burqa, take the money and run off to the Dominican Republic. Trouble is, he asked an employee at the bank for a key that would disable the alarm system.  The worker then told the FBI, and Lopez was arrested.

As FBI agents watched in the early morning hours Thursday, ATM technician Gildardo Lopez Jr. walked up to the Chase bank branch at 14 S. LaGrange Rd. disguised as a woman with a black burqa over his face, a walkie-talkie connected to ear buds and carrying a black suitcase, authorities said.
Lopez slipped on a pair of latex gloves and went inside the bank’s ATM vestibule. When he emerged 15 minutes later, authorities said, the suitcase was stuffed with $168,174 in cash.
“There’s a lot of money in there,” the complaint quoted Lopez as telling FBI agents who took him into custody. Later, while under arrest at the LaGrange police station, he called his older brother and was overheard by an agent saying, “Call Leo, I f****d up,” the charges alleged.
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This is one of many reasons why burqas should be banned.

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