Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Socialist Prez Of Chicago Teachers Union Owns 3 Homes, 1 in Hawaii May Run For Mayor

Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union, was out there with the best of them during the heyday of the "Occupy" movement. At a protest on October 10, 2011, she was rallying the troops talking about the 'inequitable redistribution of wealth" and the "robber baron mentality." She's also considering a run against current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, calling him "Mayor 1%", and labelling herself neither "egotistical or rich."  But Lewis makes over $200,000 a year, and with her husband owns a $450,000 condo in Chicago, a $240,00  home on the Big Island of Hawaii, co-owns with her sister a vacation home in Union Pier, Michigan worth $305,000, and has time shares in New York, Mexico and Colorado, and two in Hawaii.

She's nowhere near as rich as multimillionaire Rahm, but what she makes 'aint too shabby, so her criticism of the wealthy smacks a tad hypocritical.

“Why do people of wealth and privilege try to convince the world they have neither?” she said on Twitter last year. “Be honest that you don’t have a clue about poverty.”
Though she hasn't yet decided whether she will run (there's a 50-50 chance she will), polls have her leading Emanuel by 9 percentage points.

She might not be in the top 1% but she's up there in the top 5, and admittedly so.

 “I don’t live extravagantly. But if you look just at the numbers, then, absolutely, I am in the 5 percent.

“We are comfortable." “We are not poor. We have never been poor. Does that mean I don’t have the pulse of [the poor]? I don’t live in luxury. I don’t hang out with wealthy people. I have always been solidly middle class.

“You cannot put me in the same class with Rahm Emanuel or [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Bruce Rauner.”
Solidly middle class, I think not. Maybe upper middle class, but more like rich.

Liberal hypocrisy at its best.

More on Lewis here.

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