Tuesday, August 05, 2014

More Fauxtography From Hamas In Gaza

Believe it or not, these photos were posted on a Muslim Facebook page Ummat al-Islamiyah Media Network along with pleas to stop sharing staged photos of alleged "Zionist oppression" in Gaza.

No, they're obviously not pro -Israel, but I thought it was interesting that they do not approve of the misleading, fake information Hamas is throwing out there in order to garner world favor to further the Palestinian cause.

Take this photo, that someone discovered was a fake.  The original, sans the red lettering, claimed this was an IDF soldier.  Apparently not.

And the real photo, below.

Then there's this photo of a deceased child that one assumes originated in Syria, but that Hamas later claims was a Gazan child.

Then these poor children, that were apparently killed in Syria, turned up dead in Gaza.

Ummat al-Islamiyah Media even posted an anti-Hamas video calling for the world to save the children of Gaza from Hamas.

But faking news out of Gaza has become such a common occurrence that the staging of these events has its own name: Pallywood.  Just search YouTube and you will find a slew of videos showing how Hamas (and others) have had a grand old time manipulating the Western media.

And remember the photo making the rounds on social media that Hamas originally posted on Twitter of an horrifically mangled teenage girl in a mini-skirt that was allegedly killed in Gaza?  A still from the horror flick Final Destination 4. If the obviously over-the-top mangledness wasn't enough to tip someone off that this was a fake, the young girl's attire should have.

This is not to say that there haven't been any civilian casualties- there have been, and the death of any innocent is tragic- but Hamas uses it for propaganda purposes which is unconscionable. But Hamas is ultimately responsible for those deaths by taking the fight to schools and hospitals. 

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