Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Singer Bryan Adams Proud Israel Hater

You can add Canadian rocker Bryan Adams to the list of  I hate Israel celebs, and his Twitter supporters are ecstatic.

On August 9 he wrote:
Bryan Adams @bryanadams · Aug 9
Mr. Prime Minister, @pmharper, The UK PM is sending 20M in aid to #Gaza. Where is Canada's support for the Palestinian people? #gazachildren
Adams responded with the following after several people questioned whose side he was on, although it's kind of obvious.

Bryan Adams ✔ @bryanadams
@southernstacy @SoulM8dSunshine I can't speak for others, I only speak for myself: I say the war against Gaza was a crime against humanity

And then this to the same two when they questioned him about the three young Israelis who were killed in the West Bank- which was one of the mitigating factors in Israel's was with Gaza:

Bryan Adams ✔ @bryanadamsFollow@southernstacy @SoulM8dSunshine it was never proved who was responsible, and it's not justification for murdering 2000+ people...541 kids.

Then referring to the blockade.

Bryan Adams ✔ @bryanadamsFollow@southernstacy @SoulM8dSunshine ..and the Israeli blockade of #Gaza just entered its 8th year, leaving its 1.7 million inhabitants destitute7:06 PM - 19 Aug 2014
No mention of Egypt's blockade.  I tweeted him about that, and asked if he has opined about the genocide in Iraq and Syria by ISIS. No response.

Then there's the self-loathing Jew piping in with her support.

Chavaleh @ChavaBallFollow@bryanadams thank u so much for speaking out for Gaza and Palestine! I'm Jewish and we MUST speak out agnst Israeli war crimes! #freegaza7:32 AM - 24 Aug 2014
War crimes?  Why aren't these people crying out about what's happening to thousands of Yazidis, Christians and other Muslim minorities in Iraq and elsewhere.

The fools just don't get it.

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