Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unlikely Supporters Of Israel

Back in early August. South Africans held the largest pro-Israel rally ever in Johannesburg. Side by side were over 10,000 Jews and non-Jews, blacks and whites, and people from Nigeria, Cameroon and elsewhere, waving Israeli and South African flags, and voicing their support for Israel- especially notable considering the SA government does not support Israel.

Video here.

And Indians support Israel, too. They held their own pro-Israel, anti-radical Islam rally in Kolkata on August 16. Some 10,000 strong took to the streets in a show of solidarity.

And this oddity: Pacific Islanders, South Pacific Hebrews, supposed descendants of the Naphtali Tribe here singing about Israel. They have a Facebook page, though not very current.

And whoever created the page is not very thrilled with Obama. This was a post back in 2013.

Lucas 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

- Baraq in hebrew (ברק) means LIGHTNING.

- The Hebrew letter vau is translated as "O" or "U", and is mainly used to make a connection between two words or two concepts

- BAMA is used to refer to the “Heights” of Heaven (Isaiah 14:14)

So who is the president of the USA Mr. Barak O Bama ?!?!?!?!

Lord of the FLIES : Also, in recent years recordings of Obama were taken with a fly on his face. Lord of the Flies in hebrew = Beëlzebub = the false god Baäl = Satan

Do I have to say more !?!?!

Very brave of these people, considering being pro-Israel isn't a very popular stance these days.

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