Friday, August 22, 2014

ISIS Justifies Yazidi Genocide- They Were Asked To Convert First

MEMRI has translated an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) propaganda video where an ISIS commander justifies the murder and rape of Yazidis. The man interviewing the Sheik asks him:

"Dear Sheik, various politicized media outlets published false reports that you had killed the Yazidis, (forced) them to convert to Islam, and violated the honor of their women. How do you respond to these reports?"

He doesn't specifically address the rape, but he does say they are trying get them to convert to save their kuffar souls, and were given that option first.

The video also shows a bunch of Yazidis who allegedly converted. But all you see is fear in their eyes. Check out the man at the very end of the video. So very sad.

Then you have the likes of this extremist Brit convert, ex-boxer Anthony Small, justifying the beheading of Foley, and terrorist violence.

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