Monday, January 02, 2012

Afghan Woman Chops Off Father-In-Law's Private Part

Women who are usually the victims of domestic violence and abuse in countries like Afghanistan are finally fighting back. Well, one woman did, at least.
An Afghan woman cut off her father-in-law's penis with a knife when he made sexual advances on her, a doctor said. The doctor, in a private hospital in eastern Afghanistan's Ghazni province, said that the man had come to the hospital for treatment but was sent to the capital Kabul for specialist treatment. "One day when the husband was away from home he attempted to have sex with his daughter-in-law and she cut off his penis with a knife," News 24 quoted the doctor as saying. The incident took place two weeks ago but has come to light only now. (ANI)

Ooops. That'll teach him!

The problem is that women are considered chattel in most conservative Muslim countries, hence the abysmal treatment of their women folk. And of course, had he succeeded in having his way with her and she happened to get pregnant,  or people found out about the sexual liaison (forced or not) she would be the one jailed or stoned to death for adultery.

If only more Afghan women stood up for themselves maybe the men would stop treating them like animals.


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