Friday, June 15, 2012

92% Think Obama Should Be Re-Elected- In France

According to the recent Pew Research's Global Attitudes Project, a whopping 92% of the French people want to see Barack Obama back in the White House for another four years. In fact, more Europeans want him back than Americans do, at least if polls are any indication.

So, the vast majority of France wants B.O. reelected, followed closely by the Germans with 89%. 73% of the Brits, 71% of Spaniards, 69% of Italians and 67% of the Czech Republic population are also still enamored by Obama, in spite of major disappointment  in his policies. I guess their favorite rock star can be forgiven his major inadequacies, since they don't directly effect them.

Of the 20 nations surveyed, however, there are countries who do not want to see him back. I'm sure you can guess which ones. 76% of  Egyptians said no, 73% of Jordanians, 62% of Lebanese, and though 49% of Pakistanis said no, only 7% said yes.

Then you have 72% of Brazilians, and 66% of Japanese jumping on the 4 more years bandwagon.

The survey was conducted both via telephone and face-to-face. The question was:

“Would you like U.S. President Barack Obama reelected or not?”

If the Europeans are so gung-ho on Barack, they can have him. Maybe if they asked nicely, he'd move over there and lead the E.U.

They're probably just pleased that Obama has turned this country from a leading nation into a secondary one. Misery loves company, as they say.

Source:  CNS News

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