Wednesday, June 13, 2012

France Refuses Entry To 3 Saudi Woman Over Face Veil

Three niqab-clad Saudi women were fined and sent back to Doha after they refused to show their faces to French immigration officials at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport. Very commendable. Don't mess with immigration officials, especially in a country that has banned face veils.

There are immigration checks in place for a reason, and if you don't comply- tough. If they don't lift those veils, how are officials to determine that the person on that passport is the same person underneath that niqab? At least France doesn't  have the equivalent to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) over there, so it probably won't be in for a lawsuit.

The first EU country to ban the full face veil, France has had around 300 women who have flouted the law since its implementation in 2011.

France does, every once in a while, do things right.


Rob said...

french losers

Incognito said...

In this case, not really.