Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taliban Behead 17 Pakistani Soldiers

Here's the latest brutality from the Taliban using one of the favorite methods of execution  the Muslim world.

Taliban militants have released a video that they say shows the heads of 17 Pakistani soldiers captured in a cross-border raid from Afghanistan and beheaded.

The beheading reportedly took place on June 24. The video displayed 17 heads placed on a bloody white sheet, while several masked men stood behind holding weapons they said were captured from the soldiers.

The Pakistani military said previously that 13 troops were killed on the cross-border overnight raid on June 24 into the country's northwest Upper Dir region, and seven of them were beheaded.

Four others were reported missing at the time.

They also managed to kill Fahimur Rehman, one of the major anti-Taliban militia leaders, and 3 others in the restive Northwestern region of Pakistan.

Anyone who thinks the Taliban are willing to live in peace is deluded.

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