Monday, June 18, 2012

Indian Man Hacked To Death For Marrying Muslim Girl

Most in-laws of couples in inter-faith marriages get along. But religion can be very divisive, and not all families are so understanding. The most drastic thing I've heard is a son or daughter being disowned by his/her family for marrying someone of a different religion; or the daughter or son-in-law being terribly mistreated. Not nice, but it happens, and everyone suffers. But Ramesh, a 24-year-old Indian man (Hindu, I assume) didn't fare so well when he married a Muslim girl. Muslim girl's brother so hated that Ramesh married his Muslim sister that he (and some of his buddies) hacked Ramesh to pieces.

Ramesh, a goods carrier operator based here, had some months ago married the girl belonging to Idalakudi though her family had opposed it.

On June 14, two persons had engaged Ramesh's vehicle and taken him to Idalakudi where a seven-member gang including the brother of his wife attacked him with iron rods, police said adding he succumbed to injuries at a hospital yesterday.

As the news about his death spread, a group indulged in stone throwing at some localities in the area while some people blocked road traffic protesting the violence.

Police rushed to the spot and dispersed both the groups.

Six hundred police personnel had been deployed in the affected areas. Besides additional reinforcements had been rushed from Rajapalayam and Palani, police said.

Shops in Idalakudi and Ilangadai areas remained closed.

Police said they have arrested two persons and were looking for five others. The situation was tense but under control in the area.

In Islam, if you don't like someone (or something) you cover them up, hide them, or kill them.

Very sad.

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