Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dubai Businessman and Sister-in-law Acquitted Over "Lewd Act"

Emiratis obviously have nothing better to do with their lives than trying to get other people into trouble, and for no legitimate reason.

M.M. an Egyptian business man (35) and L.H. his Emirati sister-in-law (39) were hauled into court after a man who was eating with his wife and mother-in-law at a local Dubai Chinese restaurant claimed M.M. and L.H. kissed while M.M. was teaching L.H. how to use chopsticks.

Some torrid, illicit affair between the man and his sister-in-law? No. His wife happened to be chowing down on Chinese food as well.

For whatever reason, the nosy Emirati man and his wife became offended by the threesome and fetched the police.

According to the wife of L.H. the Egyptian:

“One of the women who was present with the claimant was constantly looking at us. We were dining, chatting and laughing. When the waiter served us the food, my sister asked my husband to teach her how to use chopsticks, and he did so. Shortly after we left the restaurant, the woman and the claimant came to us accompanied by a policeman, who asked us to go to Jebel Ali Police Station. I explained to them that my husband did not kiss my sister. I said that it is impossible because M.M. is my husband.”

The claimant's side of the story:

“He started teaching her how to eat with chopsticks. He hugged her and kissed her neck. Then he kissed her cheeks and to my surprise he kissed her lips in front of all the diners. My wife informed the restaurant management, who said he could not do anything. My wife then called the police. They were seated just four metres from us and nothing was blocking our vision. They hugged and kissed in front of everyone."

They had been charged with "committing a lewd act in public", but were acquitted.

Even if they had kissed on the cheek (which L.H., her sister and M.M. all deny),

“It is impossible for me to kiss my sister-in-law and especially in front of my wife [L.H.’s sister]. I am innocent,” said M.M.

L.H. also said she could not have kissed her brother-in-law in public and in front of her sister.

that's considered a lewd act?

What a colossal waste of time.

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