Friday, June 08, 2012

Olympics Committee Says Leave Your Discrimination At Home

This is good! The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has told athletes to leave their prejudice and discrimination at home. Although it could refer to anyone, we all know it's aimed at those with the boycott, "I Hate" Israel mentality. Those that notoriously refuse to compete or collaborate with Israelis. And it's not just Arab, Middle Eastern Muslim types that love to boycott Israel.

But I'm glad to see the IOC taking a stand.

Refusing to compete against a fellow athlete at the London Games because of nationality or religion would be a “serious breach” of the Olympic code of ethics, the IOC said Friday.

The International Olympic Committee said athletes and teams should “stay at home” if they are not prepared to compete without discrimination.

The IOC comment came after an Algerian kayaker withdrew from a World Cup last month in which an Israeli was entered.

Without commenting specifically on that incident, the IOC condemned such a “hypothetical scenario” at the London Olympics.

“Refusing to participate in an Olympic event because of a fellow athlete/team’s religion or nationality, would not only be unsporting behavior but a serious breach of the IOC’s code of ethics, the principles of the Olympic Charter and the athletes oath,” IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said in a statement.

“If an athlete/team is unable to come to the games in spirit of friendship and fair play, then they should stay at home,” Moreau said. “There can be no discrimination for any reason between participants at the Olympic Games.”

That's right stay at home. Keep politics and religious hatred out of sports.

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