Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Joan Rivers Blasts Obama's Tax The Rich Policies

Joan Rivers considers herself apolitical, but she hates politics and Washington, and she just joined fellow comedian Jon Lovitz in blasting Barack Obama for wanting to tax the rich.

Interviewed by POLITICO, she said,

“I’m also being chastised because I work 18 hours a day and make a living. I feel that I’m part of the 2 percent and I’m really not interested in a woman who has 95 children and has 95 husbands. I think the Chinese have it right: You each have one children, two children and you take care of them.”

"I think if I work very hard, I should be able to gather the fruits of my labor. And I think if you’re not about to work, you should get minimal and leave me alone. I think if you don’t wear a helmet and you fall off your bike, you pay for the doctor.”

And she's absolutely right.

Referring to politicians in general, she said:

“They’re all a bunch of garbage. I’m definitely in favor of a monarchy because they’re there, they look good, and they always have good gift shops when you leave the palace. … I feel that it’s just all about party affiliation and it’s all about voting the way your party wants to vote and it’s not at all about what we should be about.”

And part of the reason her comedy is "apolitical" is because of that hatred of politics.

Not that this is the first time she's been critical of Obama.  The liberal, last year, told CNS news that Obama should "stop campaigning" and "take care of the f*#ing country!" after being asked if he had lived up to her expectations.

Who knows who she will vote for, or whether she will vote at all, but it's quite obvious she is not happy with B.O.

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