Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama In Bed With Big Pharma To Get Obamacare Passed

The New York Times is the only major news outlet that has reported on a slew of emails that allegedly prove that Barack Obama and his administration colluded with big pharma to keep drug prices high. Yes, the man who claims to be for the people was so intent on getting his Obamacare passed that he made a deal with pharmaceutical companies to block a plan which would have lowered the price of medicine.

The emails written back in 2009, when Obama's presidency was in its infancy, show to what lengths Obama was willing to stoop to get his health care bill passed even though it meant that so many people dependent on western medicine would continue to pay exorbitant prices for certain drugs. House Republicans somehow managed to obtain the emails between the administration and pharma reps, and it appears the negotiations weren't easy. But since we are saddled with Obamacare, it obviously worked out for both parties.
Of course, the liberals don't seem to have a problem with the fact that one of their own was wheeling and dealing with major corporate entities, all they care about is that Obamacare passed. They don't seem to care how it passed. And they're all still stupid enough to think it's a good thing.

Even Indian columnist Arvind Kumar sees the folly and dangers of Obamacare:

Despite the propaganda by socialists about the alleged superiority of socialist systems over the American healthcare system, it is politicians from socialist countries who seek treatment in the US.

Recently, the premier of the Canadian province of Newfoundland flew to Florida for his heart surgery after he discovered that the Canadian system was not good enough for him.

Within the US, pharmaceutical firms which sense an opportunity to regularly sell drugs to the government at arbitrarily high prices support the nationalisation of the healthcare sector thus highlighting the fact that socialism and crony-capitalism go hand in hand. Today, the most expensive drugs are those that enjoy government protection and are listed as prescription drugs. It is common for the price of these drugs to dramatically fall by as much as ninety percent when they are recategorized as over-the-counter drugs and face competition in the marketplace.

The destruction of the American healthcare system is part of the agenda of the socialists who form a core segment of Obama’s Democratic Party. Western socialists view themselves as the removers of suffering through ruling over others and believe that they bear what Rudyard Kipling described as the “White man’s burden” of civilising the “half-savage races” of the world.
His article is worth a read.
Here's the New York Times article.

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