Monday, June 25, 2012

Iranian Man In Sweden Charged With Cutting Off And Eating Wife's Lip

I was reading an article on Jezebel about a 52-year-old 'Swedish' professor who sliced off his wife's lower lip with a scalpel and then feasted on it after she asked him for a divorce. He even waited until she was asleep to savage her.  And though there was no mention of nationality, I immediately wondered if there might be some 'honor' revenge action going on here. The Jezebel article linked to a local online Swedish news source that also did not bother to mention names or nationality,  just more details including the fact that, according to the prosecutor Jakob Holmberg, the man who was a researcher at Karolinska Institute also slashed his wife's arms and:

"He did it so that she would never be able to kiss again and said 'I'll get four years, but you're getting a life sentence'."

Now that definitely sounds like an honor attack, but it wasn't until I started reading the comments that a picture started to emerge, and along with references to the researcher being Iranian my suspicions were confirmed. So I googled and lo and behold, it turns out said 'Swedish' researcher is an Iranian man who believed his young trophy wife was having an affair so he felt obliged to save his honor by injuring her for life.

"It was honour related. He doesn't seem to regret a thing. He believes she insulted him,” a source with information about the matter told the paper.

The assault was so brutal that the prosecutor tried to have him charged for an attempted murder. The court, however, sought to reduce the charge to aggravated assault.

Ingela Hessius Ekman, who is representing the victim, claimed that her client might have suffered irreparable damage.

“She has very serious injuries, doctors cannot yet determine whether she can be healed or not,” she told Aftonbladet.

“She's in a lot of pain,” Ekman said.

Ekman informed that the trial is due to commence at the beginning of July.

The man, who is from Iran, was doing post-Doctoral research at the Karolinska institute in 2010.

Though he is now employed with a university in Tehran, he still lived partly in Stockholm, where he collaborated with his old research group at the university, and used its email services and library through a ‘declaration of association.’

“It is, of course, a very tragic story,” said Bengt Norrving, the institute's director.

“But since the researcher in question is not an employee of Karolinska Institutet we are unable to consider legal action,” he added.

Four to ten years for a man who cannibalized his wife's lip? For real? This man should be locked up in a mental institute for the rest of his life. But it's interesting to note that the Swedish "The Local" didn't have the balls to mention it was an Iranian man or that it was an honor attack, and Jezebel didn't bother to research it further.


Anonymous said...

“I don’t want this to just be about Westerners who go into the Arab
world and put themselves in danger, but about women who are victims of
mass sexual abuse."

Things like this don't happen in Western countries at large outdoor
music festivals where the men are intoxicated. This is a cultural
difference between the West and Middle East. Even after this event this
woman is promoting multi-culturalism and misandry as the new Western

Having been brought under in this 'religious doctrine' she stupidly put
her life at risk. Egyptian men don't lose their virginity until they
marry which is usually over the age of 30 - did she not know this?

She is a First Class Useful Idiot for Cultural Marxism and her stance above will only lead to more Western women being raped as they tend to be major proponents of immigration to the West. We will have to witness barbaric events like the one above and below:

Iranian Man In Sweden Charged With Cutting Off And Eating Wife's Lip

Incognito said...

Unfortunately, you didn't post the full link, so was unable to read what you were referring to.

If you come back, please put the full link.
but the world is full of useful idiots. unfortunately.