Monday, June 18, 2012

SWAT-ing Attacks On Conservative Bloggers

We all know how nasty liberals can get, but what they are doing to conservative bloggers is beyond the pale.

Bloggers are being targeted by those who obviously have no respect for freedom of speech through what is being called "SWAT-ing" attacks. What these reprobates do is spoof the phone number of an individual (in this case conservative bloggers/commentators), they then phone 911 with information about a crime, and off go the SWAT teams weapons in tow. Several bloggers have been SWAT-ed, but CNN contributor and Editor-In-Chief of Erick Erickson's 'call' was unconscionable. The caller told 911 that 'he' had killed 'his wife' and was about to kill some more. You can hear the 911 call below, but FOX news gets the victim wrong- they claim it was Patrick Fry of Patterico's Pontifications , but  Fry explains it was actually Erickson; although he too has been a target of SWAT-ing.

Apparently this very dangerous tactic has been going on for many years, but the recent attacks on conservatives is possibly related to blogging about Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser, neither of which I know much about, other than that Kimberlin was the infamous 1978 'speedway bomber', and Rauhauser is Brett's associate.  Patterico has a slew of posts regarding these two unsavory leftists.

Conservative bloggers including Ali Akbar recommend if you are considering posting about a "controversial" subject (like Kimberlin) that you:

"Notify law enforcement," he said. "It's uncomfortable to talk to your local police about this, but it's absolutely important because getting SWAT-ted is not a joking matter. They come to your house with their guns drawn. They'll kick in your door."

At least, Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss (and 85 others) want this investigated.

This is another reason why I blog anonymously.

Here's the CNN news clip about Erick Erickson's incident.

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