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Honor Killings, the latest rash of Muslim Misogyny

Al Arabiya reported that a 33-year-old woman was murdered in an alleged "honor" crime. Although it later claimed she was only 22, the Jordanian woman, who apparently had been divorced about a year, was stabbed by her older brother in the chest. Brother wasn't too happy about his sister's new found freedom:

“It seems that the suspect was constantly arguing with his sister about her movements and was attempting to restrict her mobility because she was a divorced woman,” a source told The Jordan Times.

Police official Col. Khatib An, however, claims the "honor motive is ruled out" and it was just plain old domestic violence. Because brothers always get so pissed off at their divorced sisters for disobeying them, they plunge knives into their chests. Al Arabiya goes on to say that the brother is being held for 15 days until the case is investigated, which means brother will more than likely walk free. They always do. Because, dang, that hussy should have just stayed home.

Al Arabiya goes on to say:

“Honor killings” occasionally happen in some parts of the Middle East.

Occasionally? Really?

The article goes on to describe the murder of another Jordanian woman who was stabbed to death by her brother in October 2011 after he saw her photo on a friend's cell phone. I would venture to say the friend was not harmed.

Then it mentions the recent murder of a Palestinian woman, Nancy Zaboun, whose husband slit her throat after her divorce hearing. The woman had been abused for the 10 years of her marriage.

But no mention of three honor killings, in a matter of a week, back in Jordon in mid July:
Police on Wednesday were questioning a man who reportedly killed his divorced sister in Jerash in a so-called honour murder earlier in the day.

The suspect, who was not identified by officials, reportedly stabbed his sister then threw her in the street and ran over her with his vehicle until he made sure she was dead.

“The suspect then headed to the nearest police station and turned himself in to the police and informed them that he had murdered his sister to cleanse his family’s honour,” a senior judicial source told The Jordan Times.

The suspect claimed that he had murdered his sister after learning that she had delivered a child out of wedlock, according to the source.

The victim was the third woman in Jordan to be murdered in the name of “family honour” this week and the second in less than 48 hours.

On Monday, a 28-year-old man in Zarqa reportedly murdered his divorced sister with a brick and a knife at their home in Zarqa for reasons related to family honour.

On July 18, a 60-year-old man allegedly stabbed his 25-year-old divorced daughter seven times at his home in an Amman suburb, claiming family honour as a motive because she had delivered a baby girl out of wedlock.

Wednesday’s victim was the seventh woman to be murdered in the Kingdom for reasons related to family honour this year.

Or the mother who murdered her three-year-old child because she had been born out of wedlock, and the family who she had been given to didn't want her. The woman supposedly murdered her own flesh and blood because she feared a scandal- read, she wanted to spare her own hide.  We all know (including the woman) that someone in her family would have snuffed her out. That's how it works.

Oh, and what about this Jordanian brother who killed his sister after her husband accused her of adultery.  Who knows if that was even true. He killed her in 2010 and was just sentenced to life this year.

And how about the Egyptian brothers,  Ahmed Mukhtar, 35, and Abd al-Basit, 24,who "slaughtered" their sister along with their mother and aunt, in June,

after discovering their sister's actions were contrary to morality."

After chaos erupted in the house, including gunfire, local police surrounded and broke into the home, only to find the aunt, Saida Muhammad Mukhtar, 55-years-old and a housewife, "with her head sliced off"; the mother, Amina Ahmed Muhammad, also 55 and a housewife, found "drowned in blood by the entrance of the house"; and the sister, Sana Mukhtar, 39-years-old and a widow, found butchered in a room.

Of course no mention  of the rash of honor killings in that other region, Afghanistan, including the woman and her two children who were beheaded. She too had divorced her husband after being battered during their 10 years of marriage.

And that's just a very, very small sampling of Muslim misogyny. The bulk of honor killings are female, and the few males that might happen to be the subject of an honor killing are usually gay.

So, occasionally, Al Arabiya?  Wishful thinking and the typical denial.

In fact, Chechnya's leader Kadyrov actually condones honor killings.

Honor killings are a major problem not only in the Middle East, but anywhere in the world where Muslim immigrants congregate with no desire to integrate and evolve.

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