Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ron Paul Says 9/11 Wouldn't Have Happened On His Watch

Ron Paul is truly an idiot. His naivete would get us all killed. Thank GOD, as I predicted, he would not win the nomination.

How can anyone take this man seriously??!! Really, how?  9/11 wouldn't have happened had he been in charge?  How dare he!

This man is as enamored of himself, and deified by his supporters, as Obama is/was.

Source: Buzz Feed


unrighteousfury said...

It probably wouldn't have happened. The man is probably right. He understands the word Blowback.

If we did not meddle in the affairs of others they would have no need to meddle in ours. My dad used to say to me when I was kid "Mind your own biz and you will get in a lot less trouble". He was right.

So is Paul. Or do you actually still think that the "Terrorists" want to kill Americans because we are "Prosperous" and they don't like it.

How are them wars workin out for ya by the way? The ones you don't have to fight but support. The same people who fight those wars you support gave far more of their support to this man than any other just look at the donations for yourself. Yup, must be they are just cowards.

Incognito said...

Sigh. Right. And Paul would have left the Nazis to exterminate millions more. And not just Jews, mind you.

Thanks but no thanks.

Yes, dear, Al Qaeda and all Islamic extremists want to kill Westerners because they believe our "immoral ways" merit it. Go check out all the Islam will dominate Facebook pages. Look up the Third Caliphate. Then go bury your head in the sand.

And actually, I think we need to pull out of Afghanistan because they are a lost cause.

And that is just hearsay, re the amount they donated.

unrighteousfury said...

Right gotcha....that Ron Paul would have let the nazi's let the jews die in the holocaust, pretty much the same thing we let happen in Russia only 20 times worse! Oh that evil Ron Paul! History does not seem to support your argument that interference is the best option we allowed the soviet union to produce horrors the nazi's couldn't dream of with many more times the number of deaths all because they were out "Allies" in world war 2. I guess the whole entangling alliances thing the constitution warned against came to fruition didn't it.

Also it is not hearsay here is the actual figure. Oh wait....I guess the ARMY TIMES must be a bunch of liars. He did get more it is not hearsay you just made that up.

I don't hide my head in the sand I live in the rural countryside whats a "Terrorist" gonna do to me? Oh look the terrorists are coming! OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY ARE COMING!!! It is fearmongering like that which created the TSA which has stopped 0 terrorists on 11 years good job fearmongers.

unrighteosufry said...

By the way the whole "Islamic extremists want to kill westerners" thing is hilarious to me. I know they do. There are plenty of western extremists that want to kill easterners to what the hell is your point? Does that justify an invasion of our country? No it does not. You can't even say they started it with 9/11 we went into iraq long before those attacks and had the support of the iraqi people...we left them there to die when we pulled out, and you are surprised that they didn't want us back...can you say blowback?

Incognito said...

You are never going to convince me, nor vice versa, so what's the point?

unrighteousfury said...

I made up my mind already [fingers in the ears] lalalalala Im not listening i'm not listening.

Incognito said...

Yes, indeed, just like you, m'dear.