Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obama Threat To National Security- Claim Intelligence Officials In Documentary Film "Dishonorable Disclosures"

A fascinating documentary short, "Dishonorable Disclosures" explores the massive amount of security leaks that have occurred under Barack Obama's watch. Using the public disclosure of the Osama Bin Laden kill so soon after the incident as an example, ex-intelligence officers and special forces operatives discuss how incredibly detrimental that was, and how they believe that all the recent high level leaks including revealing the joint US/Israeli creation of the Stuxnet worm and divulging that Obama has a personal "kill list" was simply for political gain and irresponsible.  They want it to stop.  It puts those in Operational Security at risk, it endangers lives, it gets foreign nationals who help us, like the Pakistani doctor who led us to Bin Laden, jailed for 33 years.  Who will be willing to help us in the future if leaders like Obama are willing to throw them under the bus for political gain? No-one. 

They also explain how revealing information so soon after Bin Laden was killed compromised the whole operation and the ability to gather more intelligence.  And they blast him for inviting the Hollywood elite to share every detail of how the operation went down, again putting lives at risk.

[snip]in perhaps the most egregious display of ambition over country by a sitting President in modern times, the President of the United States mounted a media platform on a Sunday night at 2345 hours to announce to the voters that OBL had been killed.

This naked grandstanding came despite the fact that DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) and other operatives had recovered huge amounts of intelligence material, quite probably with information that could have been converted to actionable intelligence, to include dozens of flash drives, computer hard drives and documents that without doubt contained massive amounts of information on the names, locations and operations of Al Qaeda worldwide.

This may have been our sole opportunity to utterly and completely destroy Al Qaeda. But before any of this treasure trove of intelligence could be analyzed, without any thought as to consequences, and before any other terrorists could be seized, BHO ran to the stage and announced it to the entire world. In a few brief moments of selfish grandstanding and political opportunism, our Commander In Chief lost the single opportunity to exploit intelligence that, had secrecy been preserved, might well have crushed Al Qaeda once and for all.

Within a few minutes of that announcement, every AQ terrorist moved into another rabbit hole where they could not be found, so they could continue their murdering of American soldiers and innocent civilians across the globe. How many have died since that date?

They're also angry and tired of being politically exploited by Obama and the White House for pure political gain, while their lives and the lives of those in covert intelligence are compromised. It's unconscionable that a president would have such disregard for the men and women who already risk their lives for our freedoms. And it's particularly ironic that Obama took sole  credit for  killing Osama Bin Laden, and yet gives no credit to those business owners who built their businesses with their own hands. Yes, others built the infrastructure where those businesses are located- which is what Obama was apparently insinuating- just as it took a bunch of Navy Seals and a whole lot of intelligence operatives to track Bin Laden down and kill him.

They want Obama to keep his mouth shut, and at the end of the film they demand that of him.

Bottom line, there are some things that need to remain classified.  We can't afford another four years with Obama at the helm.

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