Saturday, August 04, 2012

Egyptian Bishop Claims Attacks On Christians Escalating

Attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt have escalated, according to Bishop Morcos. He made that statement after an attack on a Church and homes of Christians in a village near Cairo this past Wednesday. 16 people were injured as a result of clashes between Muslims and Christians after a fight between a Muslim man and a Christian resulted in the death of the Muslim from his wounds.

He also complained about Mursi's failed promise to include more Christians in his cabinet. Only one was sworn in- the scientific research minister.

“The general climate is turning against Christians,” said Bishop Morcos. “Assaults on Christians have increased. It’s not just a matter of having one ministry,” he told AFP.

“There is a difference between promises and implementation,” said Morcos. “Perhaps there were obstacles in implementing the pledge, or the promise is one thing, and the actual implementation is another.”

There had always been sectarian strife between Muslims and the minority Coptic Christian population, even during Hosni Mubarak's leadership, but it seems to have increased since the Muslim Brotherhood took over. 

Bishop Morcos isn't the only one worried.

The United States warned on Monday that despite gestures by Egypt’s interim military leaders towards greater inclusiveness, sectarian tensions and violence had increased.

Washington’s 2011 International Religious Freedom Report expressed concern over “both the Egyptian government’s failure to curb rising violence against Coptic Christians and its involvement in violent attacks.”

Did Morcos really expect that under an Islamist majority government things would get any easier for the 10 percent of Christians that still live in Egypt?

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