Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Ramadan and The Killing Goes On- Roundup of Violence

It's still Ramadan, the holiest of Muslim holidays, and you'd think they'd take a little break from all the violence and bloodshed that has become synonymous with Islam. But no, the carnage continues.

Afghanistan was the center of a series of suicide bombings and attacks on Tuesday that killed more than 41 people and wounded more than 138. Touted as one of the bloodiest days this year, three bombings in different regions of Afghanistan claimed the lives of innocent men, women and children. Several bazaars and a government gas station were just some of the targets, and to show just how evil these people are, another bomb targeted the wounded who had been transported to a hospital, causing even more casualties.

Gen. John R. Allen, NATO commander, asked Taliban leader Mullah Omar to:

"..rein in his murderers." "What we saw today were further acts of intentional mass murder. By targeting innocent civilians in populated areas, the insurgents have again shown they will kill non-combatants without hesitation to advance their backward looking plans for Afghanistan."

And they really think peace with the Taliban is possible.

Then there was all that action in Iraq. 14 were killed  during the past week. In fact, July (Ramadan started July 20) was the deadliest month since August 2010.

Al-Qaeda affiliated militants singled out eight 16 to 20-year-old Shia Muslim men, executing them after allowing the rest of the group of 25 to leave unharmed. The others happened to be Sunnis. As they are apt to do, they too left a roadside bomb under one of the dead bodies as a present for the first responders, for maximum body count, you know- 4 policemen were wounded.

Then there's the six young Arabs who were swimming in Amerli, Iraq when they were shot dead by men on motorcycles. And the Sunni police that were attacked and killed, and the two Sunni government employees who were murdered (just so you know it's not just Shi'ites who are targets.) And all the others the past 30 days. 325 killed in July alone, and there have been attacks every day in August in Iraq.

And lets' not forget the bloodbath that's taking place in Syria during Ramadan. 

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