Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hugo Chavez Plans a "Guerilla Army" Against US Imperialist Invasion

Delusional Hugo Chavez has always had it in his head that the evil imperialist US Empire is planning an invasion of Venezuela- as if we have the resources, the means or the desire to take over his failing country. But he's convinced, and so the secret "Plan Sucre" was born, at least according to opposition Parliamentary Rep Maria Corina Machado of the centre right Justice First party who told El Universal news that,

"Plan Sucre" – apparently crafted with input from close ally and fellow US foe Cuba – covers the legal, logistical and other angles necessary to "transform a professional army into a guerrilla army."

Machado also believes that the Chavez government plans on involving the Venezuelan people in that guerilla war. Machado, who had an unsuccessful presidential bid, wrote a letter to the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, warning Venezuelans and members of the National Armed Forces (FAN),

"..of the contents of a secret document that will change our lives, and turn us all into defenders of the revolution, thwarting what is established in the Constitution. We will cease being citizens to become combatants."

She then goes onto say that the plan's strategic objective is apparently

" build a new Bolivarian military doctrine in order to successfully wage a protracted people's war" in response to "a supposition of war by the Empire against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

The "Empire" being the U.S. Machado goes on to explain that:

"the protracted popular war, in its basic concept, means maintaining the people's support and drawing the enemy to the interior of the country, where the population can bleed them...."

The plan also "favors the employment of the Territorial Militia over members of FAN," and the government intends on recruiting a million militia by 2013 and two million by 2019.

Machado added that by reducing homeland defense to deal with one single external enemy and one single threat, the government will make Venezuela unacceptably vulnerable, and that the whole plan smacks of Cuba. Apparently, it's very similar to that of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba.

Hugo's paranoiac fear of Yanqui imperialism might be one factor in his desire to increase a guerilla army, but let's face it, he wants to further strengthen his own personal militia corps- which is basically what his current "army of the public" is, since they report to him directly- because with a million to two million strong he can pretty much ensure his presidency for life. That is, if the cancer doesn't get him.

Sources: Notitarde

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