Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama Has More "Fake" Twitter Followers Than Romney

Apparently you can buy Twitter followers for as little as $5.00. You can amass 1,000 for  just $18.00. I had no clue. I use Twitter very infrequently, since I have yet to figure out its usefulness, so my count fluctuates a bit and pretty much remains static at a little over 100. Yeah, not very popular, but as cheap as it costs to increase the amount of followers one has seems a bit of a waste of money- at least as a blogger.

But apparently there's a status thing that goes along with being popular enough to have a boatload of Twitterers following you.  Especially for celebs and politicians. Mitt Romney  called out for having an overnight spike of a little over 100,00 followers, and it turns out 16% percent of his total count were fake. But guess what, 28% percent of Barack Obama's followers are fake. That's almost double.

According to WebProNews, Status People has a free faker checker, and as of today:

Obama had: 28% Fake  30%  Inactive 33% Good

Mitt Romney on the other hand had:  16% Fake 38% Inactive 46% Good

Obama has a whopping 18,917,572 followers
Romney has a mere 917,357

As with all Twitter accounts the above numbers fluctuate. WebProNews had slightly different percentages when they posted the article, but it proves it's not just Romney bulking up his follower totals.

And here's one for irony-

@Knowmuammad has100% fake followers:

I've no idea how they figure out the percentages, or how they determine which accounts are fake or inactive, but it's pretty dang interesting. Of my paltry few, I have no fakes, as of today.

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