Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Black Panthers Taking Aim At The RNC and Whites- "Skin" Whites and Kill Their Babies

Wow. Such hate. I had no idea.

"Sister" Michelle Williams, Chief of Staff of the New Black Panther Party, rages on during an August 12, 2012 interview on the Black Panther Radio Show on Black Power radio about how the black community in Tampa, Fl are "under siege" by whites, Republicans and "tea party tea baggers," because of the upcoming GOP convention. Tampa is where the GOP convention will take place August 27-30.

But it's not just white "crackers" that get a tongue lashing from sister Michelle, she also targets white "wannabee"  black conservatives, asking "when did you lose your dignity and lay down for these damn crackers who mean this black community no good, they've shown it [snip]... their history has shown this."   I guess she forgets that it was largely the Republicans that fought to end slavery, and were a major part of the civil rights movement.  She then rants on about as long as the whites keep treating the black community as the "N" word  [snip]  "you better believe my foot.. on your g**damn motherfu**ers neck.” 

She's convinced that all  "the Republicans hate black people!"  Well, sorry to disappoint, Michelle, not this one, but I do know some Democrats who do.

And she talks about all the "haters" out there. Take a good, hard look in the mirror, sister.

Note: the black teen she talks about in the audio link below is Javon Neal, and apparently he did have an assault type weapon.

If you want an earful, here's the audio link.

But Michelle's tirade is tame in comparison to what some of her fellow Black Panthers propose to do to white folk, including babies. Breitbart also produced the audio on this one.  Listener beware. It's pretty nasty.

Among many other things, race relations have taken a major dive since Obama took office. So much for bringing the country together, and so much for all that hope and change he promised. This country has never been so polarized and divisive.

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