Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Shariah Tourism In Egypt!

Cairo-based travel agency Shouq Travel, is making travel in Egypt shariah compliant.  Yes, bring your kids, and drag along the wife all decked out in her niqab for a jaunt on a jet ski. Maybe you'll get lucky enough to have her hijab get sucked into the propeller and she'll drown.  At least they let them drive.
Or if the ocean isn't your thing, and you like sand flying into your nostrils (though a burqa might be a good thing in that case), how about some fun on an ATV in the Sinai?  Maybe wife's hijab will get stuck in the wheels and she'll make an exit like Isadora Duncan.

Halal Tourism

Shouq will also arrange all the hotels for you, separate swimming pools (why not just leave the wife at home), halal food and all:

Family Tourism

It is known also with Halal Tourism, we organize family trips that agrees with our traditions , our Egyptian culture and our El-Sharia teachings. We are dealing with a large number of hotels that provides Halal Meat (Animal slaughtered according to our Islamic teaches), and doesn’t present alcoholic beverages on board, or pork. We also provide other alternatives for women like covered swimming pools or other places reserved only for women. And since Egypt has a lot of touristic sites we in Shouq Travel are so keen to organize trips that cover different sites of Egypt. We also present through our trips entertaining activities for children and cultural and religious seminars for adults.

The women get to sweat under their swathes of black cloth, no less- while the males get to dress comfortably-note the bare arms. What's wrong with a burqini?

Halal Tourism

And that black blob on the back of the jet ski?  Oh yes, it's the wife.

Thanks to those Muslim Brotherhood types who are now the leaders of Egypt, there will probably be a proliferation of travel agencies popping up to cater to the Shariah lovers around the world who want to travel to the land of the Pyramids.

According to Al Arabiya Muslim travel is a booming business:

From halal spas to prayer rooms at airport terminals, the global tourism industry is gearing up for a projected boom in Muslim travel over the next decade, experts say.

Spending by Muslim tourists is growing faster than the global rate and is forecast to reach $192 billion a year by 2020, up from $126 billion in 2011, according to a study conducted in 47 countries by Singapore-based halal travel specialist Crescentrating, along with DinarStandard, a U.S.-based firm that tracks the Muslim lifestyle market.

Everyone deserves to travel, but why does religion have to factor into it?!  Halal spas?  And special Muslim prayer rooms?  What's wrong with a non-denominational chapel? 

Wow.  Just, wow! 

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