Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Sperm Donor For Lesbian Couple Ordered By Kansas State To Pay Child Support

Three years ago William Marotta, 43, decided to donate his baby-making material to Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, who already had a bevy of adopted kiddies, so they could add one more to the menagerie. I'm sure there was an added monetary incentive, since Willy answered the sperm donor ad on Craigslist, but maybe not. Either way, it was nice of the mechanic to help out two lesbians who wanted one of their own.

Fast forward three years and Angie and Jenny are no longer a couple, and Willy's good-ish deed has come back to haunt him. You see, in spite of the fact that his sperm was artificially inseminated into Schreiner, and the threesome agreed that he would not be held financially responsible for the child, nor would he have any parental rights after the kid was born, he is now being forced by the state of Kansas to pay child support.

Apparently, the couple split up in 2010, but Bauer was still co-parenting and supporting Schreiner and their 8 adopted kids (from 3 months to 25 years), plus the biological one created with the help of Marotta. But Bauer got sick at the beginning of 2012, lost her job and health benefits, and so the women applied for help with the state. That's when Marotta's nightmare began. Kansas Department for Children and Families demanded the daddy's name, and proceeded to petition Marotta for child support. What about that contractual agreement between the three of them, you might ask? No good, since the insemination was not performed by a medical doctor.

To be fair, it was not the women who asked for the support, and they are backing Marotta in his fight to have the case dismissed.

Even though the state is going after Marotta on behalf of the two women, they have said they support Marotta in his efforts to fight the claim and question whether the state’s decision has political motives.

"This was a wonderful opportunity with a guy with an admirable, giving character who wanted nothing more than to help us have a child," Bauer, 40, told the Capital-Journal. "I feel like the state of Kansas has made a mess out of the situation."

“More and more gays and lesbians are adopting and reproducing, and this, to me, is a step backward,” Bauer continued. “I think a lot of progressive movement is happening currently in the world as far as gays and lesbians go. Maybe this is Kansas’ stand against some of that.”
Lesson to be learned, don't answer ads on Craigslist for sperm donors, and if you do, make sure they get a licensed doctor to perform the insemination rather than a turkey baster or whatever it is they might have used.

As for all those children.  It's great to adopt kids in need, but during these days of economic uncertainty you're a fool to think you can afford to take care of 9 of them, unless you're a millionaire, and I doubt either of the women are.

Source: NY Daily News

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