Sunday, April 28, 2013

How Easy Is It To Register To Vote In Colorado- Without ID?

Brandon Morse from Revealing Politics sets out to register to vote in Colorado without an ID.  See how easy it is.

The Colorado legislature is in the midst of considering a bill to pass same day voter registration, so if Brandon had done this on election day, he would have subsequently been given a ballot and could have voted.

Watch video here.


Real Redhead said...

Anyone asking what he DID provide? This is video and the commentary is misleading and inaccurate. As a 34-year Republican, I'm not a proponent of same-day registration. As a 13 year election worker in Denver, I'm a BIG proponent of truth and accuracy. This video has neither.

Incognito said...

A bank statement, was all he had to provide. The video was not edited. Proof enough.