Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video- Syrian UN Rep Talks About Rape of Women and Jordanian Cleric's Fatwa Encouraging It

The following video has two separate clips, the first is a speech by a Syrian envoy, Bashar al-Jaafri, at the United Nation  accusing the Islamist rebel forces in Syria of killing, raping, sexually assaulting and using these women and girls as sex slaves because of fatwas issued by Gulf state clerics. He also condemns the U.N. for standing by and doing nothing.

The second clip is of Jordanian Salafi cleric Yasir al-Ajlouni (who lived in Syria for 17 years) explaining one of those "sexual jihad" or "intercourse marriage" fatwas encouraging the Free Syrian Army rebels and Jihadist co-fighters to capture and enslave non-Sunni women in what he terms "Right Hand Property." He would like us to think that the goal of the "Right Hand Property" is to protect the honor of the woman who is forced into sexual slavery.  No matter how they sugarcoat it, it's still Islam-sanctioned rape.

He goes on to ask: "How do we deal with the woman that was made captive by the "Free Syrian Army" or by the Mujahideen?"  Islam has the answer with the "Right Hand Property" ruling that allows for sexual slavery during wars with the enemies of Islam. And the Syrian Alawites are considered just that- enemies.

How civilized. Capture and rape the women of your enemy, but their honor will remain intact because Islam says it's permitted through "Right Hand Property."

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