Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sudan Cleric Blames Israel For The Boston/Texas Bombings and Iran Earthquake

Sudanese cleric  Sheik Abd al-Jalil al-Karouri implies that Israel was behind the Boston and Texas bombings,  because "no-one knows who is behind these events." Guess he hasn't been watching the news. The Texas explosion, was just that, an explosion. The Boston Marathon bombings were perpetrated by two fellow Muslims of Chechen heritage, admittedly so. Of course, we have our own idiots blaming every recent act of violence on false-flag operations, often blaming it on "the Zionists". In fact, there were people blaming Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon bombings on the Zionists. If we have ignoramuses here, what can one expect of a Muslim cleric in the Sudan.

And the earthquake in Iran, yep, that's Israel too. This earthquake was not caused by God, nope, this one was 'artificial', and the beginning of what he calls the "earthquake wars".

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