Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Two Pakistani Sisters Killed By Their Brothers In Honor Killing

The latest honor killings. In Pakistan.

Because "property and  so called "honor" is more important than the life of one's own flesh and blood.
So. Very. Sad.

Two brothers murdered four people including their two sisters in the name of honour killing, police officials said.

They said the men carried out the gruesome act to protect the honour of their family as the brothers suspected their sisters of having an affair with the slain men.

The police said the incident took place in Nawabshah district, where Musa and Shaukat Zardari shot Ismail and Yusuf, while the were working at their farms.

After shooting them the Zardari brothers headed home and killed their sisters Qamar Bano and Shahzadi. The brothers then surrendered to local police officials.

In their statement they suspects confessed to the crime in the name of honour killing.

Honour Killing – locally known as Karo Kari – is largely witnessed in northern parts of the Sindh province.

Last year 714 people, including 571 women and 143 men, were killed under the pretext of honour killing in Sindh province.

The honour killings are also used as a tool to protect the property from division. In most of the cases in the province the women are not allowed to marry of their choice and if they do then they are executed as per the orders of local jirga or council of elders.

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