Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stupid Communists In Chile and NYC Protest In Support Of North Korea

There are still some incredibly stupid people in this world who believe in Communism, in spite of the fact that the system doesn't work. They're usually fools who live in Democratic, Capitalist nations where they're free to do things they would probably be jailed or killed for in a Communist country. Like protesting.  The Chinese government doesn't take kindly to demonstrations, the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 is a testament to that.

These dolts can stand in front of a Whole Foods in New York City in support of the lunatic leadership of North Korea (DPRK), rallying against what they call the recent war threats against the DPRK, without any repercussions. And yes, they seem to think that it's the poor, pudgy man-child Kim Jong-un and his people who are being threatened. I guess they haven't bothered to watch the news coming out of that country. Thank God the NY Red Youth are only a rag tag few.

And then you have these idiots in Chile, protesting in front of the South Korean Embassy, calling the U.S. "Yankee, Fascist Imperialists." A few more than in NYC, but still not many.

First of all, no-one is interested in North Korea other than the fact that the Pillsbury Dough Boy has launched several missiles- unprovoked, is promising more, has his hands on some nuclear weapons, and is threatening the world with them.

As for Yankee imperialism, it was North Korea that invaded South Korea in 1950.  China invaded Tibet and Nepal. The former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and in fact, how was the Soviet Union even created to begin with?

How these fools can support a regime that clearly has a few screws missing, has created a cult of personality in the Kim Jong family dynasty, has the fourth largest army in the world- some 1.2 million strong- has concentration labor camps where whole families are carted off to for life, where the people in the rural areas starve, and where people are executed for insignificant reasons. Take Chong, a worker at an armaments factory who, in 2010, was executed by firing squad for speaking on his cell phone with a friend who had defected to South Korea many years before. Chong made the mistake of telling his buddy what the current living conditions were like, at the time, including the cost of rice. For that he was executed. He also happened to be using an "illegal" Chinese cellphone, and cellphone usage in North Korea, for obvious reasons, is very restricted.

If all these pro-North Koreans are so enamored of the DPRK, I would invite them to move there. Let's see how long they'd last.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe that calling the leader of a nation "a pudgy man child" is appropriate and once I read that I knew that this was not written under the light of intelligence.

Incognito said...

He deserves to be called worse. I suppose you'd think it was inappropriate to call Hitler evil. As for your intelligence, you're an obvious fool.