Saturday, April 27, 2013

Latest Honor Killings- April, 2013

The latest honor killings for April 2013.

In Pakistan: Father kills 16-year-old daughter Kainaat and her boyfriend because he saw them in "an objectionable state", which could mean something as simple as holding hands. No shotgun marriage for those poor teens, death was preferable. Sad thing is the boy, Bilal Khan, was able to escape- even though he was shot in the back- and ran into a neighbours house, they shoved him back out and he was shot dead.

In Afghanistan: A 25-year-old married woman was killed after she ran away from home with a stranger. Probably escaping from an abusive marriage. She was publicly executed after she was found guilty by the local council and religious clerics.

In Gilgit-Baltistan:  Yes, I had to google.  In northern Pakistan, Qasim, a 45-year-old man murdered his 40-year-old sister. He turned himself in, claiming it was an honor killing. No reason why. Punishment for honor killings isn't as severe, so he could be lying about the "honor" part to get off with a lighter sentence.

Let's not forget this one, again in Pakistan, where two sisters were killed by their brothers.

Or this pregnant Jordanian woman who was killed along with her unborn baby,

And that's just the ones we hear about.

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