Monday, April 01, 2013

Hugo Chavez: Jesus Will Return With The 12th Imam/Mahdi

The late Hugo Chavez dreaming and chatting about the speedy return of Jesus and the 12th Imam, with some buddies.

 I re-translated the video because the subtitles are, in some cases, incorrect.

The video starts mid-speech, I assume he is referring to Jerusalem.

" ....sacred land for us true Christians. Sacred land.   [Unintelligible, there might have been an edit] Ahmadinejad... we were recalling here.. that one day- the Quran says-  they will return. Christ holding hands with the 12th Imam- Mahdi- They will come together- Mahdi. And on that day there will be peace in the world. Now we must ask them...the Mahdi and Christ to hurry up.. that they come quickly.. that they hurry.. that they come quickly. How many dangers, my God, there are in this world. In this new world that is being born, that pushes, that is being born. In the end, I think that all of the fights.. of all times.. of all places.. are concentrated in the Gaza Strip.. today. And in Jordan [I think that's what he said].. today.  There are concentrated all the fights.. of all places..of all centuries. We fight for Palestine. [because] It's fighting for Venezuela, it's fighting for Latin America, it's fighting for ourselves."

If Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's prediction is correct, Chavez will be joining hands with Jesus and the Mahdi when they return to earth.

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